I watched TV. An old episode of Columbo (“Suitable for Framing”) started with this song. I knew it but I could not identify it. Believe me or not, Shazam helped to google the result.

It is from Frédéric Chopin Étude Op. 10, No. 3. His critics gave it the name “Tristesse” (Sadness) or “Farewell” (L’Adieu).

I decided to name it Farewell. It does not sound so sad.

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Leise rieselt der Schnee

Leise rieselt der Schnee” (= “The snow falls softly”) or “Let It Snow” (from Google Translate) is a famous German Christmas Song. I found it also in my learning piano playing book.

Within a view hours I created this dance version with a very personal melody added to the original one.

All I Want for Xmas

I asked my colleagues in the USA which Christmas carols are well known and played on the radio. All of them answered “All I Want for Christmas is You” from Mariah Carey.

That was a mistake. Hours later, I was in the studio working on an instrumental version.

Here is a version with vocals.

This is for promotion only. The original song is here.

Jingle Bells

In the Advent season almost all radio stations play Christmas Carlos, it feels like they are around the clock.

When I cleaned up my desk while I listened to radio I found my music book. And on the last page there is “Jingle Bells“.

That motivated me to create a new and fresh dance version.

Good Fellow

Some day a colleague told me that they want to make a birthday present for their manager. Everyone should send a picture and write some nice words. And I have been asked to create a nice music.

Yeah, that was great. I took the well known “Happy Birthday to You“. As this manager is from UK they are used to sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” also.

So I combined both with an own composed finish for a one and a half minute pop track.

The weekend later I saw the first episode of Columbo “Prescription: Murder” where they also sang the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow“.

This inspired me to enhance my previously created pop track to a long dance version.

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During lockdown many are in home office and use Microsoft® Teams. The first time when I called my colleague I thought: “What a nice tune.”

Months later shorty before a long weekend I tried to call my colleague. But I only reached the voicemail. I shut down my computer and went into my studio.

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Dynamite (RaWu Bootleg)

I colleague from USA told me that there is a song on air all the time. Dynamite from BTS.

She asked me if it would be possible to create a dance version of it.

And here it is…

This is for promotion only.


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William Tell

I can remember exactly: I was under the shower at the tennis hall we are playing regular in winter season. A smartphone from a colleague outside rang and played a music. I knew this melody, but could not identify it. But I was sure it was something that was played at the
Vienna New Year’s Concert. So I listened to all recordings from the past – and I found it in 2018: “Wilhelm Tell-Galopp, op. 29b” from Johann Strauss I.

This inspired me to make a dance version of this famous traditional piece of music.


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National Anthem

I cannot remember exactly. I think it was a documentation about the USA related to the president elections in 2020.

A big challenge was to transform a three-four time into a four-four measure.

This was the fastest work I did till this time. I finished it within 10 hours.


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Under the Mango Tree

A TV station broadcasted all James Bond films.
The first one (“Dr. No“) contains a scene with Sean Connery and Ursula Andress had a scene where she sang this song.

This inspired me to create this dance version. I took the original vocals from Diana Coupland. It was my first project where I used vocals in this way.


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