Lost Souls

This is my second remix I created over several weeks live on Twitch. I found “Lost Souls” from Mission One feat. RAYM on LabelRadar for a remix contest.

Normally in my remixes I turn the original song into a faster danceable version. But this time it is already a fast hardstyle track. So I decided to slow it down and move it into my style.



Raffa FL hosted on LabelRadar a remix contest for “Ritmo“. I wanted to create a hardstyle version. But as often it turned into a different direction…

This was the first public remix I created on my Twitch channel. On 2022-07-26 I worked 3 hours and created the basic arrangement with all sounds and instruments. One day later I broadcasted 1 hour to do some tweaks and improvements.


Let Me In

This time it was really challenging. Not much time to submit the remix on LabelRadar and the provided vocals for “Let Me In” from AmyElle & Shania had a very large and long reverb on them. Also, for my opinion, in the original there was no real hook. So I composed my own…