Danube Dance

Welcome to the kitchen. These are the ingredients for our recipe:

Let’s mix everything together, put it into the oven and – voila – the Danube Dance comes out.


High Noon

Do you know the Western film “High Noon” from 1952? The theme song “The Ballad of High Noon” (also known simply as “High Noon”, or by its opening lyric “Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darlin”) was composed by Dimitri Tiomkin (with lyrics by Ned Washington).

End of November the old-timers in our tennis club told me that this has been the best Western film ever. They told me that it is in real time. The time in the film runs just as fast as in real life.

Good luck: One week after our discussion the film was broadcasted on TV. I recorded it but had no time to watch it.

During Christmas holidays I had time and together with my younger son I watched the recorded film. We were very excited as it was supposed to be the best Western ever. And in 1952 a film in real time had been something special. We sat in front of the TV with a stopp watch and synchronised the time.

The first deviation occurred after just 15 minutes. Real time? Never. The first disappointment. How was the action and the tension? Maybe the best in 1952 but not ever. We were disappointed, but Watched the western to the end.

But what I noticed at the beginning was the theme song. After the film was over I searched for the sheet music straight away.

And this is now what I created: a dance version