Bad Kisser

This time this was really a challenge to create a remix for the remix contest of LabelRadar as the vocals provided have a very bad quality (sound of headphones on the recording) of “Bad Kisser” from Tomachka.

Also I like melody of the verse more than the chorus. So I created a drop based on the verse melody.


With “Zombie” from JackEL & Too Deep feat. Sam King I was not really happy with the stems I downloaded from LabelRadar for the remix competition.

Then I decided to take only the vocals and create around a complete new song with own chord progressions and melodies.

Stuck in Tokyo

The first time I heard the original of “Stuck in Tokyo” from Tez Cadey I fell in love. I downloaded the stems from LabelRadar for a remix contest.

For my remix I only used the vocals, selected typical Japanese instruments and sounds to transform it into my style.

Waiting For U

Waiting For U” is a nice house track from Laidback Luke & Raphi I found on LabelRadar to remix.

As usual I only used the vocals and created around a the music in my style with a catchy synthesizer melody.

Wanna Be

When I heard “Wanna Be” from Dutch Dannis on LabelRadar the first time I thought “How uninflected is this.” It plays the whole track on the same tones.

I broke it up and composed a nice melody between the house beats.