The Ants Go Marching

I found on LabelRadar the opportunity to create a remix of this nursery rhyme “The Ants Go Marching” hosted by LyricFind Kids. At the beginning I was really struggling. It was too long and boring. Then I removed some repetitive parts of the vocals, increased the speed and transformed it into this dance version.

Aankhon Mein

I have no idea what the song “Aankhon Mein” from Aatma feat. Shefali is about in detail. I found it on LabelRadar to create a remix. As usual I only took the vocals and created this electronic remix with a strong bass line.

Back to Normality

The original version of this song was created in the Corona year 2020. I just wanted to get the frustration of lockdowns and incidence numbers off my soul – and this was the result. Like everyone I wanted back to normality.

Years later (end of 2023) I reopened the project and rearranged and remastered this previously unreleased track. And when I look at the current situation of our planet (war, terror and climate disaster), this track is more relevant than ever.

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I have never heard from these artists: K3YN0T3, L0CKN0T3 & okafuwa with their song “Oxygen” I found on LabelRadar for a remix contest.

I tried to change the sound a little from the original and added a piano, but I wanted to keep the original structure.

Demons Inside

I found on LabelRadar the opportunity to create a remix for “Demons Inside” from TONE feat. Maya Lu. The original is already a very nice song. So I changed it to a faster hard dance version.

Rock Solid

The first time I heard “Rock Solid” from Killer Hertz on LabelRadar I thought: “This drum & bass is not my genre. I need to move it into a different one.”

The result is a kind of harddance remix I created for the remix contest.


The song “Slow” from JackEl & SuBlu is a nice song I found on LabelRadar to remix. I changed it into a style I like more with a nice synth melody.

Two Dumb Kids

I do not really like the genre Dubstep. When I found “Two Dumb Kids” from Mazdem on LabelRadar I was motivated to change it into completely different.

As usual I only used the vocals and created a complete new song that still contains elements of the original.