I was born in 1971.

In elementary school I learned playing melodica. Basically I wanted to learn piano, but my parents had not enough money to buy one.
In secondary school I switched to an accordion. So my left hand also had do play something.

With my earned pocket money I bought a keyboard. It had big loudspeakers and a great sound. Also there was a memory with 6 tracks where I could record the pressed keys. But I still have the problem, that my left hand cannot play independent from the right one.

When I moved to the technical college I stopped playing music. Sometimes I used my keyboard.

I basically can read scores but I cannot transform that into a performance. Also I never learned music theory. With the melodica and the accordion we only played from notes without deeper understanding.

I grew up with schlager music. I know all songs from Peter Alexander, Udo Jürgens and other folks music because my parents listened to them.

In 1988 an Austrian dance music group Edelweiss released the first single “Bring Me Edelweiss“. This changed my taste of music completely. I was impressed from the beats, samples and scratches. I began interesting in DJing and watched DJs at work.

1992 I bought 2 turntable (Technics SL1200 MKII) and a mixer (Lem DM82) and started DJing at home.

1993 I worked as a DJ in a small club in the neighbour village. But my new job required traveling and working also on weekends. So I had to decide: DJ or control engineer
I decided for the better paced control engineer and turned DJing to my favourite hobby.

I created mixtapes for family and friends.

After Austria joined the EU in 1995 I traveled by train to Munich and bought a double CD player (Denon DJ-2700F) because it was only the half of the price.

With the first computer I also bought a CD burner. I switched from tapes to CDs.
Later I also put my mixes on MixCloud.
I did that for many many years.

2010 bought my first MacBook. I recognised that there is an app called GarageBand installed but I did not use it.

With the setup of a new Cisco Call Manger in our company 2014 I composed a music-on-hold in GarageBand with available Apple loops.

After the rebranding of our company in 2017 took the official music and created again a music-on-hold version for the phone system. This was already approved from our headquarter and it is still in use in the old Cisco system.

The next big change was the opening of the Apple store in Vienna 2018. I visited with my sons the new store. We joined a session how to make music with GarageBand on the iPad.
After work I often went to the Apple store and joined many different sessions and learned how to make music with GarageBand on the iPad.
At home I created my music on the iPhone because I had it always with me and could be creative everywhere.
The Apple creatives knew me already. And sometimes I was alone at a session. Then we talked about different things. Also that there is a DAW (= Digital Audio Workstation) from Apple available: Logic Pro

In 2019 I saw on Facebook an ad about a masterclass training with Armin van Buuren how to make dance music. The DAW he is using is also Logic. So I bought that masterclass and watched all lessons.
I decided to make myself a Christmas present and bought Logic on 24th of December 2019.

Since this time I am creating music with my professional DAW Logic Pro.