One More Time

On LabelRadar I downloaded the stems of “One More Time” from Finnet & Stay up Late. Some days later I loaded them into my DAW.

Then I was busy with other remixes. I opened the project, listened to it and closed it again. I had no idea how to handle these rock vocals.

Some weeks later I saw on TV a documentation about Steinway & Sons. I added a Steinway piano melody into my remix.

On the day of submission I programmed the drums, mixed and mastered my project. Finally I always listen to the MP3 file to check everything is fine. I was not happy with the bass. So I completely programmed a new bass line for the whole remix – 1 hour before submission.

Normally I finish a remix weeks before the deadline and listen to it everyday several time and tweak it. This was the first time I had so much stress at the end.


Forget Myself

I don’t know what genre the original song “Forget Myself” from Scurier feat. Welcome Waves is, but I created a dance version without the original “crazy” sounds for the remix contest at LabelRadar.