Fight Night

The original song “Fight Night” from Crooked Colours is already a nice dance song. I struggled at the beginning and had no idea what should I do with it.

Then I decided to keep only one track of the vocals and increased the speed of the remix for LabelRadar.


Dream Dance

Dream Dance” was a blind remix competition hosted by Chris Kirk. Nobody knew the original song. We only got the vocals, some sound and MIDI files.

This is my remix I created from this unknown song.



LabelRadar, my source of remix opportunities. I downloaded the stems for “Moonshine” from Conrank. When I listened to them I thought: “What should I do with these distorted vocals?”

I transformed the original dubstep style into a for my normality also new genre.


Lost Souls

This is my second remix I created over several weeks live on Twitch. I found “Lost Souls” from Mission One feat. RAYM on LabelRadar for a remix contest.

Normally in my remixes I turn the original song into a faster danceable version. But this time it is already a fast hardstyle track. So I decided to slow it down and move it into my style.



Raffa FL hosted on LabelRadar a remix contest for “Ritmo“. I wanted to create a hardstyle version. But as often it turned into a different direction…

This was the first public remix I created on my Twitch channel. On 2022-07-26 I worked 3 hours and created the basic arrangement with all sounds and instruments. One day later I broadcasted 1 hour to do some tweaks and improvements.