Fight Night

The original song “Fight Night” from Crooked Colours is already a nice dance song. I struggled at the beginning and had no idea what should I do with it.

Then I decided to keep only one track of the vocals and increased the speed of the remix for LabelRadar.


Dream Dance

Dream Dance” was a blind remix competition hosted by Chris Kirk. Nobody knew the original song. We only got the vocals, some sound and MIDI files.

This is my remix I created from this unknown song.


This Old Man

I love Columbo. More than two years ago I checked the Wikipedia article of this series and read that Columbo has no theme.

But there is an unofficial signature tune that comes across from time to time. Sometimes is played by one instrument, sometimes an orchestra and sometimes Columbo is whistling it.

The tune is “This Old Man“. I created a dance version of it. I grouped some verses together and added a happy synth melody between them.

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LabelRadar, my source of remix opportunities. I downloaded the stems for “Moonshine” from Conrank. When I listened to them I thought: “What should I do with these distorted vocals?”

I transformed the original dubstep style into a for my normality also new genre.


Lost Souls

This is my second remix I created over several weeks live on Twitch. I found “Lost Souls” from Mission One feat. RAYM on LabelRadar for a remix contest.

Normally in my remixes I turn the original song into a faster danceable version. But this time it is already a fast hardstyle track. So I decided to slow it down and move it into my style.