Hack My Heart

I did already offered from LabelRadar a remix for Polar. This time the track “Hack My Heart” was available to download the stems to create a remix.

Stems are normally different wave or MIDI files containing different parts of the song like lead vocals, back ground vocals, drums, keys, etc.

This time the download was only one MP3 file with all the vocals – Nothing else. So I have to create something based on this file.



On LabelRadar I found a opportunity to create a remix for “Imagination” from iGerman & xoedoxo.

I created a remix in my dance style and finished it.

Then I had the idea to change all instruments into the MugentPlayer. So everything comes out of the basic version of the MugentPlayer (except the vocals).


Monster I’ve Become

Ghosthack is a good resource for music makers to buy complete bundles with loops, MIDI, presets and other things.

They announced in April 2022 the Ghosthack Official Discord Remix Contest and offered two different acapellas to download.

I decided for the male acapella and created this song.



One More Time

On LabelRadar I downloaded the stems of “One More Time” from Finnet & Stay up Late. Some days later I loaded them into my DAW.

Then I was busy with other remixes. I opened the project, listened to it and closed it again. I had no idea how to handle these rock vocals.

Some weeks later I saw on TV a documentation about Steinway & Sons. I added a Steinway piano melody into my remix.

On the day of submission I programmed the drums, mixed and mastered my project. Finally I always listen to the MP3 file to check everything is fine. I was not happy with the bass. So I completely programmed a new bass line for the whole remix – 1 hour before submission.

Normally I finish a remix weeks before the deadline and listen to it everyday several time and tweak it. This was the first time I had so much stress at the end.